03 November 2014

26 October 2007
just like the brightest light will fade away to black,
there comes a time when there's no reason to look back.

04 July 2007
tonight we light ourselves on fire.

03 February 2007

22 January 2007
I am flawed if I'm not free

08 May 2006
But politics was on everybody's hot-this-summer list.

31 March 2006
prayer under pressure of violent anguish

10 February 2006
and what a thing to know what could be instead.

25 January 2006
go everywhere you've never been.

08 September 2005
pain is only a pulse if you just stop feeling it.

03 August 2005
the sides we take divide us from our faith.

22 July 2005
says the girl to the sunlight

06 July 2005
livejournal: you are a horrible person, and you must inform the internet immediately!

11 June 2005
and though i love you through all time and space,
my love always seems to take second place.

09 June 2005
i'm sorry that i can't take this pain away from you, and put it on my own body if i knew how to.

30 May 2005
i can't hold your hand longer than your attention span.

23 May 2005
love don't live here anymore.

06 May 2005
here i grew guilty when no one was at fault.

01 April 2005
as she starts to draw nearer, the view becomes clearer.

01 February 2005
{ said the shotgun to the head }

25 November 2004
famous at everyone else's expense

09 November 2004
i got a heart full of rubber bands that keep getting caught on things.

12 October 2004

06 September 2004
the more you talk, the more i want to know
the way i'll remember you when i go.

02 August 2004
leave the winter on the ground.

30 July 2004
listening for the sound of it to drop . . .

22 July 2004
how terrible if i
were to drive off a cliff & fly?

05 July 2004
i picked up the pieces of my broken ego,
i have finally made my peace as far as you and me go.

29 May 2004
i don't know why red fades before blue- it just does.

02 May 2004
and to be completely honest- light is in the way of progress.

16 March 2004
every person's life is a singular response to the confusion of existence.

02 January 2004
my truth:

04 December 2003
cause i've got more tongues than just this one.

03 December 2003
i stopped talking an hour ago.

07 July 2003
hell don't know my fury.

03 July 2003
feels like reckless driving when we're talking
It's fun while it lasts, & it's faster than walking,

29 June 2003
mad lovin by the cold-hearted.

19 June 2003
the doors are open as you're hoping to be- there's brighter places to see.

24 May 2003
The Bangs -

28 April 2003
i am not right, you're not wrong.

28 April 2003
you are a song.

26April 2003
maybe you loved me, maybe you didn't- i don't know. it doesnt matter now because when i needed help i was all alone.

23 April 2003
you're a big girl now, you've got no reason not to fight. you've got to know what they are 'fore you can stand up for your rights.

21 March 2003
he only loves those things because he loves to see them break.

19 March 2003
she is your holy mary
and i am so ordinary

09 March 2003
My heart beats blue, beats red, beats mad; Is this the only power that you really wanna have?

22 February 2003
pencil hearts erase.

10 February 2003
and she loses a little each day.

08 November 2002
she's been everybody else's girl, maybe one day she'll be her own.

06 November 2002
was she asking for it?

28 April 2002
shine your light cause i don't care.

04 october 2001
line me up in single file with all your grievances.

06 July 2000